Bobby: I’m a High School Math Teacher and Photographer. My parents gave me my first SLR camera as a college graduation gift and have been shooting ever since. I enjoy traveling and have shot extensively in Europe. I lived (and taught) in Hungary during 2011-2012, so that gave me the opportunity to see new and exciting places - almost every weekend.

I love shooting landscapes but am particularly drawn to historical sites - churches, ruins, castles, and the like. I also love wandering with my camera - heading out without a purpose, not knowing what I’m going to find. My favorite shooting locations, thus far, have been Rome, Krakow, Budapest, Ireland, Iceland, and the US Pacific Northwest.

Domestically, I have lived in southern California, western Washington, and now Portland, Oregon. I try to travel somewhere during every school break, but I know I need to see more of the middle and eastern thirds of the US. 




Rich: My full-time profession as a laboratory scientist for the past thirty years has instilled a sense of curiosity in my life which has spilled over to my other true passion which is photography. I enjoy photographing and documenting everything around me; from mega structures in the big city, to small creatures in the ocean’s tide pools, to organisms that can only be seen with a microscope.

I love to travel locally in Southern California, around the U.S., and internationally. I always have a camera by my side and am anxious to share my photos with you. Recently, I have been experimenting with high dynamic range photography (HDR) which provides an entirely new way of expressing an image. I am excited to see what you think about my photos which are processed using this form of photography.